Anti-aging Treatments


  • 1 hour

Botox is a cosmetic injection that blocks the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract.

Anti-aging Treatments


What is Botox?

BOTOX is a cosmetic injection that blocks the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. This effect relaxes and smooths the look of lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive movements on the face between the brows, crows-feet around the eyes, and horizontal forehead creases.

Possible causes

Its most common use is injecting minute amounts into strategic points on the face to treat and minimize expression lines and lines.

  • Deep lines between your eyes make you look tired, angry, sad, or upset.
  • Your facial expressions cause wrinkles in and around your eyes and forehead.
  • There is an asymmetry in your eyebrows or face that can be corrected by relaxing a muscle.
  • You suffer from migraine headaches and botulinum toxin may provide relief from this condition



Botox injections can usually be completed on the same day as the initial evaluation. They do not require hours to perform or days to recover. Once you and your surgeon have decided on an appropriate treatment, he or she will prepare you and the medication for the procedure. The injection site will be cleansed and will usually not require anesthesia before injection. The needles used are very short and thin, causing minimal pain. Depending on your specific concerns and condition, some injections will be needed to achieve the desired result. Slight pain, short-lasting swelling, and minimal redness and bleeding will likely occur as a result of your procedure.

Are you a good candidate for Botox?

The best candidates for Botox include fit men and women who are interested in improving the appearance of forehead creases, frown lines, and crow’s feet.